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License Agreement - Royalty Free license agreement.


Web: grants you the purchaser of our recorded works the non-transferable right to synchronise the products (Sound Effect/s) into your production under the following license agreement. are the sole copyright owners of the sound effects library and DO NOT belong to any royalty collection agencies so you will not be expected to pay any additional fees for our products.

What you can do with our products

•You may use our sound effects in any production whether it is for commercial or non-commercial use.

•There is no limit on the number of copies that can be made of your production.

•You may use the sound effects you have purchased/downloaded in as many different productions as you like without paying any further fees.

•You can make unlimited copies of your production that includes our sound effects.

•The license covers you for both broadcast and theatrical usage.

•The territory is worldwide.

•The license lasts indefinitely.

•You can edit, re-arrange and add effects (e.g. reverb) to the products in any way you wish; to suit your production.

What you cannot do with our music

You cannot re-sell the product in its raw form or include any of the products as part of an external sound effects library without the owner’s permission.

The sound effect/s must be incorporated into a production of some kind i.e. There must be a bespoke scripted voice over or synced with a visual element where the main focus is on the production.

You cannot claim any intellectual rights to our sound effects even if you rearrange, edit or add effects to the product.  We remain the sole copyright owners of the sound effect library.

Crediting us

We would appreciate a credit when you use our music.

Cue Sheets

If you are required to file a cue sheet then please use the following information.

Company: Windybeachaudio | Sound Designer: Paul Hurst

Remember we are not registered with any PRO but filling out a cue sheet is often necessary.

This Agreement shall be governed by international copyright laws











All Rights Reseved

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